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Chatter Appreciation Meet Mentor Rob

October 20, 2019

Former Toronto city CIO Rob Meikle was one of the notable headliners for the #BFUTR Tech Summit that was the brainchild of his apprentice Lekan Olawoye...
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On the mic.. with Kibra Tesfaye

October 13, 2019

Days before her premier video release, 54Lights sat down with talented singer/songwriter Kibra Tesfaye at the Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto. The young singer...
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Take the shot.. My Street Hobby

September 7, 2019

54Lights had the pleasure of broadcasting live at Toronto’s Eaton Centre where we sat down with local street photographer Marc-Andre Misat. Professional by day...
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Beautiful Game Shots of Light

August 15, 2019

54Lights recently joined two coaches from Sigma FC soccer academy. They spoke eloquently about their work and experience at an academy that’s shaping the...
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EP3.54..Oh Canada 6 degrees of connection

July 1, 2019

At the time this episode was first broadcast, the country of Canada was celebrating its 152nd birthday – July 1st, 2019. It seemed only...
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Mining Gems w/ Aileen Hill

June 6, 2019

The Precious Gems Project is a community driven charity whose mission it is to raise funds to help send underprivileged children to camp. 54Lights...
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It’s Gotta Be… The Books!

May 22, 2019

Randy Osei is the founder of what used to be a sports agency but has now evolved into a budding community conscious enterprise. Rozaay...
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May 7, 2019

In the summer of 2018, UOIT (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) took the somewhat unconventional decision of naming Christa Eniojukan as the head...
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Teach One..Be One with Petra A.

April 15, 2019

Start Something with Petra Adrienne Petra Adrienne has travelled the world teaching English to students in the classroom and the boardroom. She’s brought her...
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A Super Twist with Grace Eleyae

March 17, 2019

54Lights sits down with entrepreneur extraordinaire...Grace Eleyae. Her brand is soaring...and as it continues to rise, 54Lights felt compelled to take a closer look.
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She’s Empowered! with Nkechi

February 22, 2019

Start Something with Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson 54Lights recently had the privilege of sitting down with Empowered in My Skin co-founder Nkechi Nwafor Robinson. While it’s...
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A Daughter’s Promise with Nothabo Ncube

February 1, 2019

54 Lights recently sat down for an All Access interview with Dr. Nothabo Ncube. We spoke about her life, struggles and family. Along the...
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