WanderLust meets 54Cyndi & Kondwani

January 1, 2019

In a first for 54Lights, I was interviewed by Wanderlust CEO Cyndi Williams. The trailblazing entrepreneur turned the tables on me and got me to answer questions about the 54Lights project.

Known as the Wanderlust CEO, Cyndi is a travel industry veteran and visionary who is motivating people all over the world to follow their bliss into abundance.  Cyndi hosts “Bliss to Abundance“, streaming on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV & YouTube, that showcases people following their calling and passion into abundant and purposeful lives.  Cyndi is an advocate, coach, and motivational speaker in the Travel Industry.  Cyndi is also the founder of Careers On Vacation, her signature program that teaches people how to build portable, profitable travel businesses from home, or while they travel. 

You can connect with Cyndi here: https://linktr.ee/wanderlustceo

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