Season II TrailerAnd so it begins

February 17, 2020

Season II kicks off with a collective bang. Guests from 54’s past present and future episodes all introduce themselves to us in interestingly collaged show dedicated to people’s names…and the origins of the names. In this episode, you’ll get to shake hands with guests, fans and people who help make 54Lights what it is. As always, you’re invited to introduce yourself, and the origins of your name, to 54Lights. Do so on Facebook, Instagram (@crowd54) or through our website.

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Episode Transcript

54Lights Season2 Trailer

And so it begins a new.  My name is Kondwani Mwase, and welcome to season two of 54Lights. I’m very excited to be launching the second season of our podcast. Actually, I’m excited, proud and privileged. I’m excited because of what’s in store for the weeks and months ahead. In keeping with the theme of the show, I will be showcasing people of African descent, all with the goal of celebrating the strength, culture, and beauty from the continent. And while we take this journey, it’s important to note that season two will also include many people from backgrounds outside the continent. Remember that the goal of the show is to lean into Afrocentrism. But not so as to ignore the rest of the world. In fact, the broader goal is to embrace people from all cultures. As I said in season one; if you’re interested in hearing some remarkable people tell their extraordinary stories then this is a show for you.

I also just said that I was proud and privileged to be doing this season. And there’s one reason for this. The reason all people should be listening to this podcast. My guests.  Everyday heroes walking amongst us.  As you’ll hear, I continue to run into amazingly inspirational figures. People have intellect of poise and purpose. Those conversations continue. If you like what you’ve heard so far, make sure you subscribe to the show, follow us on social and spread the word. My social handle is at crowd54. And for listening pleasure. Search for 54Lights, wherever you do you’re listening.

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Thanks to everyone behind the scenes from season one who continue to have an impact on season two. Specifically that’s John Kit at Corner Studios  and the musical genius of Andy Ninvalle and Joachim Nordabert, who did last year’s theme and masterfully recomposed our new theme. New season, new song, new segments. Same lights.

Welcome to season two of 54Lights