Outspoken with Tiana Conley
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Outspokenwith Tiana Conley

June 28, 2020

54Lights welcomed outspoken VP Tiana Conley into our virtual studio for a session to unpack her career, outlook and circumstance. She shared her experiences as an often solitary, and senior ranking, African-American leader who’s compelled to embrace risk. And while that may leave her in a vulnerable position, it’s fundamentally important to the journey towards equality.

Tiana is a decorated professional who has been named as an emerging leader by the Chicago Urban League for her work in the community.

Along with her leadership role in the corporate world, Tiana is a mother and an outspoken crusader for human rights. She is participating in a community leadership program, comprising of top black leaders around Chicago (through the Chicago Urban League), to help tackle imbalances in power dynamics. She’s committed to advancing equality for black people so that all races can thrive and rise towards a state of true equality and progress.

Tiana and I met after she posted a note in support of Ahmaud Arbery who was fatally shot while jogging.

Among the most quotable moments from our talk are these prescient lines;

“Truth-tellers take their lumps”

“I’m gonna speak my truth and I’m ok with you not being ok with that”

“Risks are more expensive for black people than for non-black people”

“Risks are worth it if they play out for the broader greater good”

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