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Just dessertsAndrew McBarnett

July 18, 2020

This just in…54Lights had a sweet conversation with Neale’s Sweet ‘n Nice ice cream co-founder Andrew McBarnett. The ice cream business is emerging into a formidable brand in the Canadian landscape. In fact, it’s fair to say they have fully arrived. They’re doubling their presence in supermarkets across Canada – going from over 300 to over 600 locations. While its competitors are obvious, what’s even more obvious that they’re carving out a clear niche in the marketplace. By following their Caribbean roots, they’ve created a flavourful portfolio  that ensures they will remain head and shoulders above all others.

As a black owned business they stand out as a model example of how to run and grow an organization. Their tenacity is matched only by their audacious commitment to pushing the limits of people’s palates. And by following in the footsteps and vision of their original founder, Charles Alfred Neale, they are ensuring that their surge will continue well into the future. Take a break from the heat and get to know one of Canada’s greatest, and tastiest, brands.

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Advice from the co-founder (to black entrepreneurs) – “Whatever you create…create it with the belief that it is for everyone. Do it so everyone can enjoy (your culture).”

Find Neale’s Sweet ‘n Nice ice cream near you – https://www.sweetnnice.ca/pages/where-to-buy

Watch the journey as seen on Dragon’s Den – https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/2653461796/

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