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Queue the BridgeZodwa Nyoni

September 1, 2020

The latest episode of 54Lights podcast focuses on revival. Revival and rebirth within the entertainment industry with a specific lens on the theatre. Sitting down with acclaimed playwright Zodwa Nyoni, we dove into heady topics that ranged from how creatives have to approach the business side of their work to how the writing process evolves to how the industry is reshaping itself during the period of Covid. Zodwa candidly walks us through her process, her teachings and learnings. A must listen episode for any current or aspiring creative. A must listen episode for anyone curious about the theatre. A must listen episode for anyone seeking inspiration. You get the point…press play!

Zodwa Nyoni is of Zimbabwean lineage but has found a home in the U.K. Her talents have been on full display in recent years and reached a key milestone with the successful and acclaimed launch of her play, Boi Boi is Dead, in 2014. Her list of accomplishments continues to amaze, be they in the realm of academia, in the world of poetry or on stage.

Our talk gave us insight into how Zodwa has integrated her culture into her work, how she continues to advocate for artists and how her latest play is standing up in the time of Covid. This latest piece, Nine Lives, will hit the Bridge Theatre in London as part of a series of monologues that signal the revival of theatre and the reshaping of a new form of theatrical entertainment.

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