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CanvasManota Mphande

January 9, 2021

Season III of 54Lights podcast kicks off with an overseas interview with creative entrepreneur Manota Mphande. Manota’s business, Art Malawi, has created a platform where local Malawian artists can promote and sell their works. Because of COVID, and the resulting disappearance of tourism, artists have had to pivot and find new ways to apply their talents. 

Under Manota’s guidance, Art Malawi is helping its stable of employees by giving them access to international buyers, creating art-inspired workshops to help locals get into art and, finally, in launching collaborative  projects with NGOs. Manota opened up to 54Lights to share how art can be weaponized for progressive change and how it continues to inspire Malawians and peoples abroad. 

Announcement: This episode signalled the partnership between Art Malawi and 54Lights. Aside from commissioning of artworks from Art Malawi, the two businesses have agreed to continue to work and support each other well into 2021. 

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