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Ready. Set. Reflect.Fungai Mettler

January 16, 2021

In a podcasting first for 54Lights, we sit down with a multi-talented creative philanthropist Fungai Mettler to talk about her work, her outlook and her therapeutic style of storytelling. Fungai is an outstanding storyteller who’s as prolific with her pen as she is with her voice. Her show, the RAW Stories Podcast, gives a glimpse into her reach and impact on the world stage. 

Fungai, who is a Zimbabwean based in Switzerland, helps people and companies work with in their communities to create social value. Her approach is both selfless and purposeful, driving at the heart of key issues that effect mental well-being. Her pursuit of truth and authenticity is unrelenting and she shared her heartwarming story on 54Lights in our most emotionally charged episode. 

Programming Note: this episode was a dual broadcast…with both Fungai and Kondwani sharing turns asking questions for their respective shows.  

Find and follow Fungai Mettler at on her website and be sure to listen to her podcast (The RAW Stories Podcast

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