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A Well of GiftsChawa Mphande

February 21, 2021

Season III continues in celebration of culture creators. By day, Chawanagwa Mphande is a marketing professional. She works to connect and communicate. After hours, she is a crusader. Working to fight against local stigmas associated with mental health. In her march to change how Malawians react to major and minor mental wellness, Chawa created AFERS (Addicts, Families, Educational & Recovery Support). Founded in 2015, AFERS works in the local community to increase awareness about salient mental issues in Malawi.

Chawa sat down with 54Lights to talk about her move from Canada to the warm heart of Africa, her personal perspective on mental health and how she is fighting local stigmas. And while her fight is focused at the local level, the challenges surrounding mental health are indisputably global.

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