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From Reel to RealNaledi Jackson

May 12, 2021

On this episode we are humbled to say that the amazing Naledi Jackson is back with us for a second episode on 54Lights. Naledi was our very first guest and years later she is back to share more of her story. Naledi is a writer, director and producer who has methodically made her way up the movie-making ladder. Her resume, which includes work on the Netflix series “Anne with an E” and her own action-packed drama “The Drop In” are just a couple of many projects she’s worked on. 

Naledi talked about her inspiration, her parents, and the most inspiring film-makers who’ve helped her shape her passion and pursuits.  She reminisces about her magical experience living in Bulawayo and Montreal which gave her a broader perspective on writing. Throughout her travels, Naledi’s relentless outlook has helped her create and contribute. From writing rooms to her own personal writing room, she opened up about her commitment and what it takes to push forward in a competitive industry. Naledi’s perspective, which included “confessions” on her  fascination with sci-fi films, diversity and representation in film and the magic of movies. The episode closes with Naledi giving some valuable tips and advice to up and coming writers wanting to get their foot in the door. 

And if that wasn’t enough, Naledi gave us some insight for what’s in store for a busy 2022. 

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