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Pole PositionToka Murphy

June 28, 2021

As a shout out to racing fans across the globe, 54Lights is proud to elevate our inspiring conversation with Toka Murphy – a 23 year old racing phenom. Toka sat down with us weeks before the now cancelled Montreal F1 Grand Prix. The athlete took us through his obsession with cars and opened up about how he took a casual adoration of the sport to an immersive fascination. From car meets to friends inviting him to take the wheel to painstaking hours learning the craft from industry experts. The humble young man found a way to raise money to get his license and soon connected with Patrik Wittmer and his four sons (Kuno, Karl, Nick and Kurt) – a racing family whose influence and intellect are having a tremendous impact on the sport. Patrik, and his family, are huge supporters of Toka and have helped teach him critical skills needed to move up in the racing world.

With that said, the realities of racing, the financial burden it holds and the associated struggles off the racetrack became a topic of reflection during our time together. And while the money management that’s inherent in the sport could be a deterrent, Toka’s taken it all in stride…embracing that obstacle as a challenge he knows he’ll overcome. He helps us draw illuminating analogies between sports like tennis and golf where the burden of participation comes with a hefty price tag. From getting sponsors to getting access to the track and, finally supporting the teams that make up a crew. The business of driving and the strategies needed to navigate the minutae of life outside the rigors of the race. And finally, of no small note is the reality that Toka is a black man in a sport that’s got barely a handful. Lean in and listen to a great conversation with a young man whose mature well beyond his years.

Learn more about our guest – Toka Murphy – https://tokamurphy.com/

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