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The Main IngredientEaston Robinson

June 21, 2021

Easton Robinson is the chef, owner and originator of JerkUp Central…a takeout and catering business dedicated to healthier Caribbean cuisine. Easton’s Jamaican heritage and influences come through boldly in his array of flavourful food. Easton sat down with 54Lights to take us through the birth of his business, his dedication to creating authentic Caribbean food and how he’s battled adversities that could have suck his dreams. His early childhood cultivated a love of food and eventually led him to embrace adversity and pivot his life from a traditional 9-5 to an atypical 24/7 commitment. Easton then revealed to us how and what makes his business so distinct – his love and pull towards authentic Caribbean flavours – ones that come from fresh ingredients and a cooking style that’s invested in time over speed and quality above profit. The payoff? Food that is reflective of genuine Caribbean culture. Food that is reclaiming and reshaping how some people in the West are starting to see this type of food. enjoy one of the most inspiring stories about resiliency and inner strength.

About our focus on food

The episode represents our official kick-off to our mini-series focused on food. From restauranteurs to chefs to food activists, this series is all about taste buds and the way how and what we eat is transforming communities around us.

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