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Where’s My Jollof?Chef Kwasi

July 9, 2021

As part of our foray into the world of culinary delights we spent time with Chef Kwasi – Ghanian entrepreneur who’s based in Toronto. Kwasi talked to us about his love of food and why it brings him, and his patrons, happiness. From the painstaking care he takes in making meals to the compassion and care that goes into seeking ingredients, Kwasi’s catering company is tantalizing tastebuds of customers of all stripes. Kwasi is a marvel in the kitchen, having learned cooking skills from his mother. He now continues to create amazing food while also enjoying the richness found in other culture – from his fandom of poutine to his appreciation and respect for Italian delicacies. And while the charismatic chef will have you craving his variety of great dishes, he did wade into some contentious, and playful, waters. In the peak of our episode we speak candidly, yet with genuine playfulness, about the great jollof (rice) debate. Ghana vs Nigeria? Spoiler Alert: Kwasi is a proud Ghanian…so you can only guess which of the two national dishes he’d serve first. To Taste n See great dishes from our guest – please visit – Taste n See To find out what people are saying about the great debate, follow us or send us your vote on IG (@crowd54)

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