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Path to PlatePaul Taylor

August 14, 2021

FoodShare is a community-led organization whose work centres around disrupting the food system – in a way that will make good healthy food accessible for all. As part of our mini-series finale on food (the space, the supporting systems and the people that drive and thrive in the ecosystem), 54Lights sat down with FoodShare’s Executive Director Paul Taylor to talk about the impact of the organization. An Ontarian with close ties to his lineage and his Kittitian roots, Paul spoke to us about those who’ve influenced and informed his path (his mother and grandmother among them) as he was growing up. At a young age, he tuned into the systematic injustices that lead to food insecurity and how it impacted the most vulnerable communities in our society – ones that not-so-coincidentally are disproportionately black, brown and indigenous. Paul’s outlook, one that’s grown over time and with the contribution of his fellow activists, is devoted to understanding the organizing principals that lead to emergencies within our world. And while these crusaders continue the hard work of understanding societal injustice, they work diligently to dismantle its constructs including anti-black racisim. According to FoodShare, “It’s our time to lead” and the discussion dove into the reasons why, at this critical juncture, there might be a sliver of hope and promise. From community to activists to social movements, Paul calls upon all citizens to step forward by looking at their communities, and the things that happen within them, and to understand why injustice occurs. Lastly, Paul leaves and invites listeners to challenge the status quo by getting politically involved – contacting local government officials to make sure that they feel the political will and impetus to move towards sustainable progress.

NOTE: This is a 2-Part interview featuring our guest.

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