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Triple ThreatKIF Radio

August 14, 2021

In our latest episode of 54Lights we were joined in our virtual studios by the three driving forces behind KIF Radio. KIF is an innovative podcast that features music from emerging artists in the world of AfroBeats, Hip Hop and R&B. The show is masterfully managed by Grace Saqui and features addictive beats curated by two of the most impressive DJs on the planet – IMVNZI and Sound Curator. More than just DJs, the two have dedicated their life to sound – having come up as dancers, rappers and now DJs. The four of us had an illuminating conversation where KIF shared openly about their unique show format – one that showcases 15 tracks plus some introductory interviews with up and coming musicians. They explained the painstaking paths they take to find gems in a crowded marketplace and how they use their background in music to inform their choices – picking only the best on the globe. The team also opened up about how they move the crowd – the psyche that’s needed to get the “room’s” energy to peak. Before we closed the show, the team at KIF spoke to us about their love of music and what went into their name. As deep rooted as the thought and purpose that’s gone into their colourful and ever-evolving monikers.An episode that’s definitely not to be missed! Lean in and listen out loud.
About KIF Radio KIF Radio is in its second year KIF Radio is a bi-weekly music podcast showcasing nothing but the most recent R&B & African vibes from the legends of tomorrow. Hosted by IMVNZI and Sound Curator.

  • IMVNZI – aka Le Penseur
  • Sound Curator – aka Creative Fly

Projects and AffiliationsKIF Radio recently joined Braided Media. Braided is a podcast network of Raw and Refined shows and storytelling created by people of African descent for a global audience

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