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Not your averageDr. Joseph Smith

December 3, 2021

As we near the close of our third season of 54Lights, we’re dedicating the next few episodes on culture creators that are pushing our collective world ever forward. This next episode intercepts the prolific community activist Dr. Joseph Smith who, as you’ll hear in the conversation, is no average Joe. He’s a bold entrepreneur that has created youth programs, a speaking practice and continues to create conditions where people around him can thrive. He is the personification of an ally…but transcends labels.Joseph spoke candidly about how deep an impact his mother has had on his upbringing and his person. Someone I will never meet but obviously a caring a thoughtful being who remains with us through him. As our conversation evolved, we spoke about the work that Joseph has been doing, through his organizations, and touched on why the work matters – at this time and always. We also spoke about the very real phenomena of compassion fatigue and burnout fatigue. Areas that are addressed, among others, in his newly launched Remedy program – that works address mental health.  Our conversation culminated in a critical dialog about dealing with the fight for social justice while avoid stoking the fires and creating more prolific enemies of progress. This consideration is a new and complex one, given a world climate that capitalizes on popular and sometimes divisive movements. For Joseph, part of all of these issues are addressed intentionally and with care.  Want MORE…?- from our guest – https://www.drjosephjsmith.ca/– from 54Lights on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/54lights

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