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The Left TurnRoland Best

December 19, 2021

The Left Turn (Season3. Episode21..) is one of the most important in our season. It follows the work of guest musical composer for this show, Roland Best, while he takes us on a journey through his business venture. One that centers around a lifelong love of music. Through that, he’s built E-Rol Beats – a music downloading service that features original music that he’s composed and refined. His talents have been on full display on his recently launched website and on this show as his beats are featured sporadically throughout the year.But what started off as a conversation about his compositions and the business, ended up turning sharply towards a deeply personal disclosure of life-changing events. While running and building E-Rol Beats, Roland was the recipient of a horrible act of anti-black racism. The act, which involved vandals defacing his car, had the effect of ignited a passion in Roland that he’s since channeled into a new direction at work. He went on to detail the work he’s doing, with others, within the government in western Canada. All with the intent to address, confront and combat anti-black racism and racism against the BIPOC community. He detailed how the work he is leading now is critical work that’s measurable and institutional. Work that spans across multiple branches of government and that’s led by a cross-section of intelligent, motivated and impressive people who are determined to change outcomes for equity seeking groups. In the end, the vandals who tried to do damage to Roland’s person, did little more than awaken his inner activist…Oops.While E-Rol Beats still rolls along, the passionate work that Roland is pursuing now is shaping a new direction for him, his family and his community. From Source Code (the first episode we did with Roland months ago) to The Left Turn…

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