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Build. Book. Play.Matt Rennick

January 5, 2022

As we near the end of Season IV of 54Lights, we sat down with one of the best and brightest Creative Directors in North America. Matt Rennick, a friend and fantastic ally of the African community, joined us in our virtual studios to talk about his philanthropic campaign to raise money for three Nigerian organizations. Compelled to act during the EndSARS unrest in Nigeria, Matt channeled his love and admiration of Fela Kuti, his creativity and his bias for meaningful action to create an inspiring response to a brutal campaign. Ever concious of his privilege and place as an ally, Matt lights the way with an energy and approach that’s to be modelled. Over the course of our conversation, Matt opened up about his past and what brought him to the creative space…an energy driven by what he calls a DIY ethos. From a young age, Matt has worked to build things from the ground up – finding his way in workplaces thanks to his raw talent and deep connections he cultivated along the way. As he gave us a brief walkthrough of his professional pathway it was clear that, despite all his success, he’s as grounded as they come. His simple and unwavering perspective on the best part of his career was the impact of people – the teams he’s led and worked side by side with.Matt then took us through his creative process of designing shirts with song titles, lyrics and album names from musicians in the Congo and Nigeria. Many of the inspirational artists sang songs of protest and liberation for their people – with the focal point being Fela Kuti. In the wake of EndSARS and around the anniversary of Fela Kuti’s birthday, Matt launched a line of shirts emblazoned with is work…an ode to Fela and a fundraising gateway. All proceeds from the shirt sales go to three organizations based in Nigeria that Matt researched and contacted.Funds Raised from shirt sales go to;

Mirabel Centre – supporting women who are victim of sexual assault – https://mirabelcentre.org/

Kokun Foundation – supporting the needy and addressing food insecurity – https://www.instagram.com/kokunfoundation/

Serap Nigeria – NGO supporting human rights – https://serap-nigeria.org/

Buy shirts here – http://www.mattrennick.com/shop

For his efforts and his energy, we thank Matt…a true ally if there ever was one.

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