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July 7, 2022

The opening curtain rises again on 54Lights podcast. This season, one unlike we’ve ever had, will unfold in a slow and stead burn. We will light up Africa by meeting (at least) 54 guests (daughters, sons and stars) with roots in (at least) 54 countries so that they can give us (at least) 54 heartfelt stories from the great continent.  We’re telling these under told stories from Africa (from Africans), to all corners of the globe. And because each guest has a unique and flavour-filled tale to tell, we will tell these stories with care. So that they can shape and reshape and reframe the African narrative, one story at a time. 

POST SCRIPT – While we’re going to try to march the map, and get a voice from one person with roots from each nation, we embrace the truth – that one voice cannot speak for a nation and, better yet, that a nation is an oversimplified construct. Culture is rich and textured and complicated. It is one voice and many voices all at once. It is calm through havoc, quiet through chaos and unity through plurality. And so we invite you to join us with open hearts, open minds and open ears. Enjoy the African experience and find yourself in every play.    


Thanks to;

  •  the family at KIF Radio for helping us find so many musical geniuses
  • the surgical precision of Roland Best at E-Rol Beats for composing our theme 
  • the team of stand up supporters – Siphiwe Mwase, Ariana Bursato, Patience Adamu, Mohsen al Attar and many many more… 

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Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/crowd54/

Email guest referrals, comments and stories to kondwani@54lights.com (feedback welcome…complaints and hate, not so much)

ABOUT 54Lights

54Lights is committed to elevating creative voices through authentically told stories. We showcase Africa for the world, through uniquely inspiring narratives that will, hopefully, stir the soul and steer the conversation about the dark continent.

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