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July 21, 2022

Artist Calvert Jones is best known for his stunningly bright and provocative works of art. This past year, I sat down with Calvert to talk about his work, its deep meaning and the ways in which the work blows beyond the canvas. Calvert, a hyper realist painter, sort to make a profound impact when he returned to his native home of St. Vincent. The motivation moved him to channel his culture’s paradise into his work…designing pieces that reflect the reality of the spaces that he calls home. From his regular expressions (landscapes etc..) that capture island culture and Caribbean life to a line he’s called the series. This series are recreations of famous paintings, reimagined in contemporary and multi-dimensional works that force viewers to think while watching.Calvert Jones has had work commissioned by The British Royal family, corporations and countless individuals. He is no stranger to the spotlight and builds work that stands unparalleled in when viewed in the limelight. Historically relevant, presently poignant and ever-impactful, Calvert’s work inspires intriguing dialog that challenges tropes that ultimately invite people to educate themselves about history and the context through which we appreciate our constructed realities.

POST SCRIPT – Before, during or after listening, I’d recommend that you visit Calvert’s website to better appreciate his mind, mission and movements. Enjoy the African experience and find yourself in every play.Calvert joined is via our virtual studio from his home in St. Vincent.



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