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Kondwani Mwase | Host & Creator

‘The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.’  – Jean-Jacques Rousseau


For most of my life, I have been obsessed with relationships. I have worked, watched and wondered about the complex nature of human interaction. Originally, my interest laid in the narrative…more specifically, I was driven to understand what was happening. Increasingly, my curiosity has been inspired by the underlying motivations behind events…why it happens. It is this curiosity that motivates me.

My professional journey led me to the field of marketing and the exercise of selling in the service of brands. Over the years, I’ve learned that the true currency is working in the service of people. Finding ways to understand how to cultivate meaningful relationships with them….and making them “happy”. I leveraged my skills as a mass marketer to reach a different audience with a different message. As such, The Warehouse Magazine became my passion. I founded the publication to try and build a community for the conscientious. It was my first business, my first foray into media and, in some ways, my first love. And its eventual retirement left me wanting. Leaving me with a feeling of unfinished business.

the warehouse magazine

54Lights is the next episode. The genesis of which stems from my desire to speak to people. To engage in conversations that introduce audiences to other perspectives. Not necessarily to tell untold stories but rather under told  ones. I’ve drawn some inspiration from my favourite author and book – Ryszard Kapuscinski’s  The Other. In it, Kapuscinski explores cultural identity and complexity that’s ingrained in our critiques, shunning and or acceptance of other people. It is a powerful read and one that helps focus the lens I use to view the world. It has taught me that everyone has a persona/brand/pulse that can be cultivated, communicated and understood. Wait scratch that…It has taught me that everyone has a pulse whose voice should be cultivated, communicated and understood.

ryszard kapuscinski

In this respect, I try to listen and learn. To glean from my guests and help them share their stories of strife and of triumph.

The journey continues…

Some Context

I was born in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), reside in Toronto (Canada) and am a proud citizen of Malawi.